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Why is it important for a dance studio to have a sprung floor with marley floor covering?


A professionally sprung or "floating" floor in a dance studio means that the floor is not mounted to the walls, giving it a spring like experience. Dance requires a wide range of movement including jumping and landing. The sprung floors reduce impact of these movements and provides protection against common dance injuries. The floor absorbs some of the shock waves that would have been transmitted to the joints of a dancer's body.


Marley floor covering is known as the choice floor for basically all forms of dance and is used by professional companies worldwide. Named after the British company that originally produced Marley floor, it is a light, flexible, and long-lasting material that is neither too sticky nor too slippery for dance.


At North Georgia Ballet, we have equipped each studio with professionally sprung marley floors, taking every measure to ensure the health of our dancers!

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