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Dynamic Benefits of Dancing

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

by Bethany Elias

We all know that dance is a physical art, but have you ever stopped to think about ALL the vast and varying benefits of dance? Dance helps all aspects of health: physical, mental, and emotional! Here are a few of the benefits:

Physical Benefits

  • Improves coordination

  • Improves flexibility, including spine flexibility and range of motion

  • Increases muscular strength

  • Increases stamina/endurance and cardiovascular health

  • Improves agility and motor fitness

  • Increases core strength

  • Improves balance

  • Improves posture and poise

Mental Benefits

  • Boosts cognitive performance

  • Reduces risk of dementia

  • Enhances memory and learning skills

  • Enhances attention span

  • Increases spatial awareness

  • Increases musicality and rhythm

Emotional Benefits

  • Instills confidence, improves self-esteem which carries over into other areas of life

  • Encourages growth mindset and a strong work ethic

  • Fosters teamwork, cooperation, communication, allows you to make and trust new friends

  • Encourages respect for classmates, teachers, and self

  • Reduces fear/stress of being or performing in front of a group

  • Exposes you to new cultures and music from around the world

  • Develops accountability skills

  • Instills self-discipline

  • Releases endorphins, helping boost your mood and reduce stress

  • Serves as an outlet for self-expression

  • Gives dancers a sense of belonging, community, and acceptance

People learn more effectively when doing activities where they use their whole bodies. Dance is a wonderful activity for ALL ages and abilities with a vast amount of dynamic benefits.

Find your joy, passion, and self-confidence while dancing!

Join a dance class today!

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